Timothy Hideout.

2 x Rabbits & Hutch. .

2 Multi-row Caged Rabbit Shed.

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We live in Central Florida so this assures that the rabbit will always have water in the heat of the summer. While cage size recommendations vary from homesteader to homesteader, bucks can often be housed in smaller hutches, such as our AH2424 24x24x16 while does need more room, especially with kits in tow, such as the AH3036 30. We bought a 3 bedroom 2 bath fixer home on 0.


. Jul 28, 2014 Pet Lodge small animal and rabbit products have everything your consumers need to get started raising rabbits. It is a versatile meat that can be used in a variety of dishes, from stews and soups to roasts and grills.

The construction of this type of housing is more. 4" No Cut Feeder.



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Each doe produces 25 to 50 live rabbits a year, which will yield 125 to 250 pounds of meat. .

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Which method to choose will depend on the space available for raising rabbits.

24 x 24 x 18 Modular Wire Rabbit Cage.

Rabbit Hutch.

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2 of them are locking wheels to fix well and safely. Angora wool is a high-priced commodity and an excellent option for the no-kill rabbit farm. 99 240. Stainless Steel Caging is Perfect for Repeated Autoclaving. We are using the skills we learned from the 2.

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Housing pet or domestic rabbits is easy to do when you have a large rabbit hutch. Wally saves you vet bills and comes with a gifts.



The area below the hide can be enclosed for more shadeprotection.

6 high.