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Tornado spotters observe a tornado touch down at Cole, a community already devastated by a tornado on April 19 this year.

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. Ten years ago, a monster tornado tore through the heart of Oklahoma, leaving miles of destruction and 24 lives lost. .


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1 day ago The storm is bringing "destructive winds, a life-threatening storm surge and torrential rain" to the island, NOAA said. Take cover in RacineSturtevant immediately.

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1 day ago The track of Super Typhoon Karen from Nov.
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. John Boris, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service office in Gaylord, recalls the moment when the tornado touched down at 335 p. .

. Manuel Guerrero described. A large fire has broken out metres from Central station in. . CNNs Derek Van Dam has the forecast.

Oct 20, 2022 Isaac and Alissa Wolfgram lost their home during a tornado in December 2021.

1962 is highlighted. Since then, the family has rebuilt.

Remember if a tornado is headed in your direction, head for cover in a basement or bathroom with no windows or objects.


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