Check the air filter for blockage.

In this case, most likely the reason is air leaks under the rubber pipe connecting the carburetor to the cylinder or its rupture.

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Turn the adjustment screw in or out to change the amount of air that is fed into the carburetor.

Warm up the engine.

Adjusting the Idle Screw. chain comes to a complete stanstill. I thought I had a few pictures, I looked and I dont.


Warm up the engine. 43. Stihl MS290 Dying At Full Throttle.

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. I have heard the the US EPA is walking into repair shops and doing inspections for non compliance.

999. On a 310 and 390 the maximum RPM is 13.

To adjust the carburetor on a stihl ms chainsaw, first make sure the engine is off.

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Thread a sheet rock screw into the limiter, align the tab on the limiter with the notch on the carb and pull the screwlimiter off. Nov 8, 2012 Now that the idle and L screws are adjusted, rev the saw to full throttle (WOT) briefly and adjust th H screw so that the miximum RPM is 12. Hope this helps.

The Stihl MS290 parts list manual contains clear diagrams and descriptions of repair and servicing procedures, assembly and disassembly. 2 Removing and Installing the Carburetor Top Top Flanged lock nuts Detaching throttle rod Removing the carburetor Bottom Bottom 1 Fuel hose Detaching throttle rod Removing grommet for adjusting screws - Remove the grommet from the adjusting screws and pull it out of the handle housing. . . It also assists in troubleshooting procedures and repairs to your chainsaw.

After that its 1 & 1 turn out on the screws.

S. Dont adjust a carburetor on a cold engine, as the adjustment will be wrong.

Has a 16" bar with brand new yellow dot RSC 0.

These procedures are based on a complete disassembly of the equipment.

Warm up the engine.